Bike Rentals are here at Mammoth Cave Lodge!

*Please fill check out the Acknowledgement of Risk form at the bottom of this page.

Rentals are available daily.

Bike rental availability is dependent on the weather forecast.

Bikes can only be rented between 8:00am-4:00pm.

Bikes must be returned back to the Front Desk before 6:00pm

Rentals are by the hour.

First Come, First Serve basis. No reservations taken.

To pick up your bike visit the Campstore. A bike rental attendant will take you through the process of renting your bikes.

Adult Bikes:
$12.50/Hr – Trek Marlin 4s.
Bikes are available in small, medium and large sized frames.

Child Bikes:
$8.00/Hr – Trek Precaliber 20s.

Bikes are available in one size, Best for kids ages 6-8 between 45-52′ tall.

Sanitized Helmets are provide for each rider.


Strollers or Pulling Trailers
Off trail riding

The Lodge At Mammoth Cave